a b o u t


  1. Planning, Design, Construction and Supervision of Architecture and Interior.
  2. Planning, Design, Construction and Supervision of Landscape.
  3. Planning, Directing and Design of Exhibition and Installation art.
  4. Planning and Design of Furniture, Products and Graphics.
  5. Creative direction.
  6. Buying, Selling, Renting, Managing and Operating Real estate.
  7. Management of company-owned store.
  8. All businesses related or incidental to the above.




o o c inc.

Registered No. 140001125479

8 million yen

Awaji-shi, Hyogo 656-2131 JAPAN

Takuma Hashimoto
CEO / Registered Architect with First-class License  Registered License No. 379889

Born in 1993 on Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan.
After studying at University of Hyogo, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Vienna University of Technology and University of Tokyo, established ooc inc. in 2022.
Working in Tokyo and Awaji Island, produces creative work focused on space design while supervising the process of planning, design and management.

Our theme is creation & social experiment.
We devise the process which DESIGN is implemented in society and propose the design suited for each issue. We aim to experiment the mechanism changing the society and the economy through creation and exploring the possibility of alternative design methodologies and visualizations that aren’t affected by trends and existing frameworks.